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We have a very large roster full to the brim with uber quality artists, bands and everything in between and the best stage and lighting hire available in South Wales with full public liability insurance for any event, tiny to tremendous!

Recently affiliated with clients such as

"Wheelhouse Audio Events are a dream to work with. Superb knowledgeable and professional consultancy work and troubleshooting on a range of sound engineering requirements. Imaginative and creative, we have been delighted with a truly responsive delivery of high quality solutions for both big production ideas and a more intimate vocal experience. Llanelly House highly recommends Lee and Wheelhouse Audio Events!"
"Wheelhouse have made our lives so much easier when organising events. They deal with everything for us, taking the stress out of the whole process and making life so much easier. More than experts in their field, they go out of their way to make everything run as smoothly as possible and we've had a number of successful events as a result. We love working with them and will continue to do so for future events."

"Had the pleasure of working with Wheelhouse on an outdoor gig in Llanelli on the 14th December. Prior to the event Wheelhouse were very diligent in contacting me for a channel list and some insight into our set up so make things run smoothly on the day as time was short for set up.

Upon arrival I was impressed to see they carry KV2 active loudspeakers which are highly regarded in the industry. I knew as long as he had a decent set of ears, we'd have a great sound. And he does! He mixed the band with our desk and our tablet which controls it into his own system and got us sounding dynamite.

Just loud enough to give us a live feel without blowing people away. We had nothing but good reports from the people that came to see us, and sound quality is always at the heart of that!

Aside from that he was very easy to work with and I hope it's not the only time."

"Fantastic service and professional set up.Quality advice from Wheelhouse who has lots of experience, friendly and courteous. Recommended"
"Cadno Music and Cadno Music Live has worked with Wheelhouse Audio events .. we've found the team totally professional to their approach to live sound and light .. nothing but praise for the results achieved ..In future we will look no further than Wheelhouse Audio..Highly recommended..."

Sound System Design is paramount!


There are two main types of sound system designs that have been prominent in the market, consisting of single point source or multiple point source concepts. Multi point source arose from the requirements for very high output power. The idea satisfied that criteria, but with the increasing number of sound sources came an overall reduction in the quality of the sound. The two big disadvantages of multipoint source systems were the suppression of the high frequency output and the physically time-shifted outputs from the individual speakers. Adding a number of time-shifted outputs from individual speakers together causes poor system impulse response. The first types of multipoint sources were simply a large pile of cabinets, stacked together like building blocks and intended to array on all axis. A major improvement in the next generation of systems was the introduction of multipoint, one-axis systems that provided better frequency response and increased definition than previous multi axes systems.

Unfortunately, whilst a step forward, the frequency response and impulse responses were still not ideal and the coverage was often inconsistent. A typical representation of the one axis multipoint source sound system used commonly today is a line array system. Line array does reduce the effect of multipoint sources interfering with each other like the systems of twenty-five years ago, but it is still a long way from the superior results achievable with single point sources. A single point source sound system offers the highest possible definition and dynamic range available today. High intelligibility is a by-product of this, but is only guaranteed by maintaining this high definition and high dynamics through the use of fast and accurate electronics, with low distortion transducers. A line array’s natural frequency response before processing shows a continual roll off of high frequencies from 2 kHz upwards due to cancellation caused by the proximity of the numerous high frequency drivers. This requires large amounts of equalisation to be added to the top end to correct this phenomena. This huge boost in gain on the highs, lowers the system’s overall headroom, on average a line array requires ten times the power to drive the top end compared to a single point source cabinet. Hence high power is not necessarily a requirement for large-scale coverage but quite often a result of a system’s inefficiencies.

Further to this when using multiple speaker cabinets in a line array the listener receives multiples of the original sound at slightly different times, smearing the time based information contained within. To maintain a high resolution audio signal, it is vital that the system is able to exhibit a short impulse response time. The impulse response from a line array is damaged due to time shifts in the sound arriving to the listener. The diagrams below show that the pulse response of a line array will vary with the location of each individual listener. Time shifts for listener 1 are different to those for listener 2. Many manufacturers claim that these time shifts can be corrected using digital delays, however this does not provide a solution because time shifts will infinitely vary with each new listener postion. Another myth relating to line arrays is the idea that all of the elements couple, to produce a controlled, directed, long throw soundfield.

  • Specifically designed for high quality, high output multi-tasking, portable music playback and live performance in small, medium AND LARGE applications
  • Full range stand-alone solution

KV2 point source………….no comparison

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