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My story

My entire employment history revolves around music. As a teenager, I learnt to play various musical instruments and have been involved with bands and performances ever since.

In my early twenties, I learnt the delicate and detailed skills of sound engineering. I had been taught by a very successful and talented local engineer and friend. 

I ran my own professional recording studio, and succeeded in the writing and production of published works with Bonnie Tyler.

Today, I continue to write and produce for both myself and other artists. My interest however, is now currently focused on the sound engineering

After years of going to, and performing in various events, I have come to a realisation! The equipment and the knowledge that’s needed to use it to it’s best potential is paramount.

This is to ensure that both the performers and the audience get the best experience possible.

It is for this reason that I use only the finest audio equipment with everything that I undertake.

Rest assured, I can work with any budget for South Wales PA Hire. This is possible whilst still maintaining the highest quality sound, KV2 Audio there is no competition!

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Forget everything else you have read about speaker system design and think about what truly defines clear, quality sound.

Today we live in a world that has compromised audio quality. Technological advancements now try to bend the rules of physics. They focus on slick user interfaces and create virtual equipment in an effort to save space and money. Digital Sound Processing is everywhere. Manufacturers strive to control every aspect of sound reproduction. However all the while it moves us further and further from the original source, its timbre and dynamics. Capturing the emotion and ambience of a performance has become secondary. At KV2 the true reproduction of the original sound and its dynamics are the key elements in the development of our products. We have bucked industry trends and broken industry standards to find the best possible audio solutions both analog and digital. I don’t simply gauge our system’s performances on published specifications; I gauge it by the smiles on people’s faces.

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An Audio Pioneer – George Krampera

George Krampera is truly one of the audio pioneers of modern times. He has been building audio equipment for nearly fifty years. Millions of people have experienced sound produced from equipment he has designed. Through his long and successful career, George’s vision has remained unchanged. He wanted to to eliminate distortion and loss of information in the signal path. `Thus providing sound reproduction that has true dynamic range and representation of the source.

Growing up in the Czech Republic as a child, George played with valves and other components. He built his first radio before he was ten. His interest in music and sound grew and by the age of fourteen. George was building power amps and other equipment for local bands in Prague. George continued his electronic training after leaving school. He worked as a technician in Prague repairing various pieces of equipment while retaining a strong connection with the local music scene.

The Russian invasion of Czech in 1968 brought tough times for the country.  As George built his career, he became increasingly concerned about the future of the country and the safety of his family. In August of 1983 George loaded his young family into their car and left everything they owned behind to escape to Austria. Once safely across the border George was granted asylum status and a few months later they departed for Canada.

“KV2 today is the culmination of one man’s life long search for perfect sound.”

It wasn’t long before George found himself drawn back to the music industry taking a job with Yorkville Sound. There George designed many of their guitar and keyboard amplifiers and a complete range of processed speaker systems. After leaving Yorkville, George started his first company Rexx, which built high quality solid-state guitar amplifiers. In their first year of production Rexx out sold Marshall in Canada, testimony to the quality and value of the product. After a change in ownership Rexx fell on hard times and George decided to head back to Europe taking up a job offer with Italian speaker manufacturer, RCF.

George’s goal at RCF was to work with and improve transducers. This was the final part of the chain he felt he needed to master to achieve perfect sound reproduction. Heading a team of young engineers, George made a number of break throughs at RCF including the development of the silicone spider. He also designed the complete ART active speaker series, which was a hugely successful line for the company. George left RCF when it was sold to Mackie and continued his work in transducer development at B&C.

By the late nineties George had relocated back to his homeland of Czech forming his own pro audio design company, Class A. Here using B&C components he worked on a large format active system that could cover big crowds and distances with optimum quality and clarity. In partnership with one of his old team from RCF, Marcelo Vercelli, the pair started Fusion and took their new speaker system to a large US trade show where Greg Mackie was suitably impressed by the products and made them an offer to join Mackie.

George found himself back at RCF, which was then owned by Mackie and in his role there apart from putting Fusion into production, he designed a range of speakers for Mackie. Sales of these new boxes skyrocketed but George’s real passion was for designing high quality equipment. George and his old partner Marcelo left Mackie to form their second company, which was clearly represented by its name, K for Krampera, V for Vercelli and 2 being their second venture. A third integral link came about with another of George’s old RCF colleagues, Andrea Manzini, who became involved with a new transducer manufacturer called Eighteen Sound.

Working closely with Andrea, George co-designed components to match the products he wanted to develop. This strategic alliance along with his expertise in cabinet design and electronics, built the perfect platform for George to follow his vision, a vision realized today in the products of exceptional performance and quality built by KV2. George has now established a group of brilliant young engineers, who he has mentored and directed to continue his legacy and ensure his vision will continue well into the future.

George Krampera‘s original R&D lab still stands, nestled by a stream down the road from the new factory. It was here where George developed the original range of KV2 speakers. Many of the new R&D team are studying electronics at the local university and their knowledge of cutting edge technology such as digital processing, combined with George’s years of experience and understanding on exactly how to achieve the best performance out of any piece of equipment, makes for an incredibly creative and productive atmosphere which will continue to flourish.

KV2 is not a large-corporate company pumping out products at the lowest possible price point, to maximise profitability. It is a small hands-on manufacturer, focused on quality and most importantly the sound of its products – something that many companies seem to regularly overlook in the race to develop the latest, so-called ‘advancement’ in technology.

In 2018 KV2 will celebrate its sixteenth birthday. It is still the same small, vibrant company it was when it started, a company with a passion for building high quality pro audio products, products that continue to deliver performance beyond expectation.

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